Full fibre's coming

to Northumberland

Project Gigabit is Go...

As part of the UK Government's 'Project Gigabit', GoFibre is working with Building Digital UK (BDUK) and Northumberland County Council to bring full fibre broadband to North Northumberland.

We will be providing more than 3,750 homes and businesses with access to the best connectivity available - full fibre - which means ultra-fast, ultra-reliable and ultra-capable as part of a £7.3 million contract.

What is full fibre?

Full fibre means a full fibre optic cable that runs right to your door (also known as Fibre-to-the-Premises or FTTP or Fibre-to-the-Home or FTTH).

Standard, or part fibre, only means fibre runs to your nearest cabinet (also known as Fibre-to-the-Cabinet or FTTC). Then, it's a copper wire which carries the rest of the signal. This slows down your Wi-Fi, as copper was never designed to carry the amount of data which full fibre can.

What's so great about full fibre?

It's ultrafast

Up to 1Gbps. That's 20x faster than standard broadband. Whoosh!

It's always-on

Your home or business can connect up to 100 devices online - all at the same time with no dreaded buffering or lag.

It's future-ready

Data travels at the speed of light. So, full fibre's ready for whatever tomorrow brings.

Who is GoFibre?

GoFibre is the trading name for Borderlink Broadband - a Scottish independent broadband builder and provider. The business was established in 2017 in Duns, the Scottish Borders, as a result of poor connectivity in this largely underserved location. GoFibre was an opportunity to bring far faster and more reliable broadband to the Borders and further-a-field towns and villages, ensuring nobody is left behind.

Who we work with

Gigabit broadband is coming to North Northumberland thanks to UK Government's #ProjectGigabit and GoFibre. This means that when the gigabit rollout is completed, you will have the opportunity to upgrade your connection. UK Government is investing £5 billion into Project Gigabit to deliver lightning-fast, reliable broadband across the UK and ensure rural communities are not left behind.

Find out more by visiting the Building Digital UK GOV.UK page.

GoFibre is an official partner of the Scottish Government's Full Fibre Charter. Our goal is to connect hundreds of thousands of homes and businesses across Scotland and northern England by 2025. We're also committed to creating 250 new local jobs in the next two years, as well as helping local schools and communities embrace an increasingly digital future.

Want to know more about Project Gigabit?

Here are some links to websites to tell you more about Project Gigabit and the people and organisations behind it.

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